Success Stories



Apollo, a senior Spaniel, was found wandering the streets of West Contra Costa County. He was totally blind. When all efforts to locate his owner failed, he found a safe place at Animal Refugee Response. In addition to being blind, he was very thin, un-neutered and had terrible teeth. Once his other health issues were remedied, he was referred to a specialist to evaluate his eyes for corrective surgery. The specialist confirmed that his blindness, caused by cataracts, could be surgically corrected. We reached out to and their team agreed to pay for Apollo’s life-changing surgery.

After a long surgery day, Apollo emerged from the hospital with a huge cone around his neck to protect his eyes during the healing process. Then the dog who only knew me by voice, by smell and by touch looked at my face for the first time. Everything was silent in that moment. Then he wagged his tail. Apollo’s recovery has been excellent. He uses his sight more and more each day. It is wonderful to see him rediscover the world.

Some dogs are able to adjust well to blindness, but Apollo seemed frustrated and sad. The corrective surgery he was able to have, thanks to, improved his quality of life immensely. He is happy and looking forward to each day. And the best news of all is that one of the vet techs who assisted in his surgery is interested in adopting him! is a wonderful organization making a positive impact in the lives of shelter dogs in need.”


Blythe Lucero
CEO, Animal Refugee Response

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